Welcome home.



Sometimes, when I come home, I sit on the cold tile floor near the window facing the backyard. I look out. Not at anything specifically, just out. I might mentally review my day. Or wonder about the next. On occasion, my friend will sit on his bed near the heater and gaze at me. I notice. I look back into his eyes and he into mine. Sometimes for several minutes at a time. We're communicating. He's telling me about his day. The squirrels he chased, the naps he took, the game he played with the other dogs, the many times he heard a car pass by the front of the house, and how bad he wanted to chase it. At the end, he pauses, then proceeds to ask me one question. The same question he always asks me. "Where have you been?"

As always, I tell him about my day and explain why I wasn't able to be here with him, chasing squirrels, taking naps, playing games & barking at cars passing by. When I finish, he stares at me for several seconds, then lies down,closes his eyes and drifts to sleep.