Communities in Schools

Communities In Schools of Houston is a campus-based Dropout Prevention program. CIS works with the school system on over 100 campuses to provide direct social services to at-risk students and connect students with available community resources.

Credit: Director / Writer / Editor / Cinematographer / Producer

Mammoet- Salvage of SSV Jupiter 1

Mexico Carmen del Playa, A Semi submersible oil work over platform capsized while anchored near a production platform. The semi-sub was leaning against a leg of the jacket and rested in the seabed. Salvage comprised of, stabilizing the situation with a puller barge. Re-floated the semi- sub using compressed air and a lifting barge with 4800 ton lifting capacity. Cleaning the barge of environmentally dangerous substances and fuel they towed the semi sub to 1200m of deep water and sank it in a controlled manner.

Credit: Co- Editor / Co-Animator


 Based on the short animation film "Alarm" by Mesai, this film follows a young man through his morning ritual as he struggles to stay awake.

Credit: Director / Editor / Actor / Cinematographer / Producer / Writer

El NiΓ±o Solo

    A story about a boy who is home alone during a burglary and decides to deal with the burglars his way.

Credit: Director / Editor / Cinematographer / Producer / Writer

The Henchman

   In the world of super heroes and villains it's a henchman's job to rough up the good guys when they break in looking for sinister plots. A run of the mill henchman must keep his job protecting his bosses warehouse and fighting off masked vigilantes before his home life and work life destroy each other.

Credit: Assistant Director / Co-Producer / Sound Designer